At Viva Retreats at Byron Bay, Kim Kilgariff leads a qualified and experienced team in providing natural life medicine and treatments that correct and balance body, mind and spirit.


With advanced skills in Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Ayurvedic healing, Kim Kilgariff provides gentle treatments to suit each guest’s condition and personal situation. Combining modern diagnostic and treatment tools with proven ancient remedies, Kim diagnoses and treats all body systems, dysfunction and pain, and addresses emotional barriers to good health.

In an age where health is increasingly affected by lifestyle and environmental factors, the Viva Retreats team has particular expertise in treating ailments such as allergies, chronic fatigue, anxiety, adrenal exhaustion, substance dependency and other unwanted habits. With Viva Retreats at Byron Bay, guests undertake a seven-day retreat, enjoying excellent food and accommodation while experiencing treatments that can set them on a new path to a healthier and more enjoyable life.


Combining modern diagnostic
tools with ancient remedies


About Viva

Viva Retreats offer an antidote to a life out of balance.

Combining natural medicine, modern therapeutic methods, personal growth and the precepts of happiness, Viva Retreats offer intensive seven day journeys to good health on a monthly basis in Australia’s hub of health, healing and wellbeing, Byron Bay.

Drawing on an Advanced Diploma of Natural Medicine qualification and 16 years of clinical experience, Kim Kilgariff and the Viva Retreats team employ Japanese acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing to address the negative consequences of modern life stresses.

Viva Retreats provide guests with the opportunity to relax into the tranquil natural beauty and atmosphere of Byron Bay as the backdrop to therapies for general wellbeing and treatments tailored to a guest’s specific condition. The range of treatment options include Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbalism and Ayurvedic medicine and massage, and techniques to address emotional and behavioural issues.



The Team



Director of Viva Retreats

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Kim’s journey into natural medicine began at the age of 15 when he suffered symptoms of snake venom poisoning that led to a serious and protracted health crisis. With the conventional medical system seemingly unable to provide solutions, Kim looked for alternatives. He researched homeopathy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition, and later appreciated first-hand the benefits such treatments provide through extensive travel in Asia. On returning to Australia and inspired by the wisdom of Chinese medicine, Kim studied at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane where he graduated in 1998 with an Advanced Diploma in Health Science, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy, specialising in acupuncture.  Kim has been in private practice for 16 years and ran a busy practice in Brisbane before moving to Byron Bay 12 years ago. His treatments include acupuncture, Chinese herbalism, Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Kim has particular expertise in treating pain, work and sports injuries, fatigue, depression, preconception care and natural fertility management, and addictions. Apart from his natural health practice, Kim’s interests include surfing, hiking, climbing, dancing, yoga, meditation, painting and sculpting. On several occasions he has visited Japan to attend acupuncture master-classes by that country’s most highly respected practitioners, and has participated in other health studies in India and the United States. Kim is a registered practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.




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Born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, to parents who were both professional psychologists, Flavia was encouraged to embrace the view that it was OK to be different, to not simply follow the crowd but look more deeply for answers and meanings to the questions and challenges thrown up by everyday life. From such a vantage point, Flavia developed some unique perspectives on life which led to a long-standing interest in alternative health care. Flavia is a specialist in the powerful Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, and has also studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Flavia is a devotee of Latin American dance, and takes every opportunity to enjoy the salsa, tango, music, food and artistic expressions of her cultural heritage which are alive in Byron Bay. Kim and Flavia work as a team, engaging other practitioners as required, to enable people to take charge of their health, embrace life’s opportunities and reshape their lives.


The word ‘retreat’ generally refers to stepping away from an issue. In military terms, it is identified with failure, retreating from a stronger force. But in the case of Viva Retreats at Byron Bay, it is exactly the opposite. Guests retreat from the stresses of everyday life to a safe and supportive space where physical, mental and emotional problems can be identified and addressed. The process provides guests with powerful tools and knowledge to support their future wellbeing and happiness.

Viva Retreats are a seven day program, set in the beautiful surroundings of Byron Bay, with treatment and accommodation options to optimise the experience.

Viva Retreats are proudly distinctive from other wellbeing programs in offering

–    Modern diagnostic technologies to identify individual health problems

–    A treatment program that is tailored specifically to a set of symptoms and health goals

–    Absolute confidentiality about a guest’s condition and discretion in how it is treated

–    Viva Retreats’ diagnostics and treatments work at the deepest levels, overhauling the four key body systems – the digestive system, the liver or biliary system, the lung and immune system, and the kidney adrenal system.

The treatments employed by Kim, Flavia and the Viva Retreats’ team include:


The ancient art of inserting fine needles into the superficial layers of skin to stimulate responses in the body’s energy fields, organs and immune system is now widely practised. Using sterile, single-use needles, the Viva Retreats practitioners draw on years of training and experience, including through attending master classes in Asia, to apply this painless treatment. Acupuncture is effective in working on physical, mental and emotional problems. Conditions that can be addressed with acupuncture include: pain in all its guises, work and sports injuries, chronic fatigue, depression, body toxicity, addictions, obesity, conception difficulty and emotional problems. At Viva Retreats, practitioners also use a unique form of acupuncture to perform a deep organ cleanse and detoxification, in a quick and painless way.




An ancient healing art from the Indian sub-continent, Ayurvedic practice encompasses a range of treatments, including herbalism, changes in diet, meditation, massage and yoga to maintain or restore health. Ayurvedic remedies can help with allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, menstrual cramps, Parkinson’s disease, and digestive disorders, including constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.



Chinese herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healing.  Extracts made from plants harvested in the natural environment can help nourish, heal, regenerate, support and stimulate cells, organs, glands and tissues. They can be used for detoxification, stimulating the immune systems, providing energy, helping treat hormonal imbalances, skin problems, weight loss, insomnia, and digestive problems.




Massage is not only relaxing, but has some profound healing benefits, reducing muscular tension, stiffness or soreness, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and realigning musculo-skeletal imbalances. It also helps reduce stress, improve sleep and supports clear thinking.




Yoga contributes to good health by engaging the body and the mind in exercises that reduce stress and strengthen a person’s physical and emotional resilience.




Book Online


The Viva Retreats team will assess guests and recommend a personal program involving a selection of therapeutic treatments, the core of which will be acupuncture, massage and structural alignment. In addition, specialised Ayurvedic treatments will be given according to your specific needs. You will also be instructed in yoga, pilates, tai chi or qi gong every morning and taken through two meditation classes daily.

Presentations on health and wellbeing will open your mind to a new understanding of what it means to be healthy, vital and alive and how you can continue in this way for the rest of your life.


Day 1

· Arrive and settle in to your beautiful resort

· Receive full medical assessment with one or all of the following health assessment devices – LIFE system biofeedback scan, Esteck scan equipment, live blood analysis, physical examination and diagnosis – and your program for the retreat.

· Dinner

Day 2-6

Daily program includes:

· Yoga or some other exercise therapy such as qi gong or tai chi
· Meditation practice
· Delicious organic and healthy breakfast
· Core treatment program (including acupuncture and associated therapies, bodywork massage and structural integration)
· Lunch
· Mind work on belief systems and head space
· Rest, reading, free time or exercise
· Meditation
· Dinner
· Educational talk

Day 7

· Breakfast

· Have a reassessment of your personal situation with a facilitator and receive advice about your ongoing health program and daily routine. Depart feeling revived and rejuvenated with a fresh new outlook on life.

$4180 (inc GST) per person

including treatments, accommodation and food


Viva Retreats at Byron Bay also offer five day retreats for $2,926 (inc GST) per person, including treatments, accommodation and food.

Other specialised treatments offered by the Viva retreats team include:

Private Subconscious Mind Healing:

$495 (inc GST) per session

Quit smoking program:

$495 (inc GST) per session

Medications naturopathic products and neutraceuticals, Chinese herbs or Ayurvedic herbs, depending on condition:

$110 (inc GST) approx

Additional sessions of Acupuncture, Ayurvedic treatments and Massage:

$75-95 (inc GST) per session depending on treatment



Viva Retreats at Byron Bay offer the opportunity to revive and rejuvenate within the natural environment of one of the most stunning locations in Australia, Byron Bay. The treatments and other services offered by the Viva Retreats team will all take place on site at one of the high quality resorts in the area. All you have to do is book in and enjoy.

The following images depict the style and quality of accommodation that you will be offered with your actual retreat venue depending on availability, with options to be advised when you make your booking enquiry.





Images courtesy of Villas of Byron


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